Lim + Lu

I was delighted to stumble upon Lim + Lu in the eleventh issue of Design Anthology, a quarterly design magazine with a focus on the Asian design industry. Vince Lim of Lim + Lu is an old classmate of mine from primary and secondary school and to see someone you grew up with in a published magazine is a pretty cool feeling.


That aside, Lim + Lu’s design aesthetic is so pleasing to the eye and they do a great job of marrying form and function.

Their most heavily featured space is a Happy Valley residence (in Hong Kong), which I believe is their own home.


Lim + Lu also design their own furniture. The  modular daybed from their “Mass” series and the coffee table from their “Frame” series are examples of their own furniture design.

The room above is multifunctional and can be converted from a study (as shown) to a guest room or formal dining area as desired. To convert into a guest room, the sliding doors can close and the curtains behind the doors can be drawn to allow privacy.




The “Lunar” mirror shown above is another of the couple’s own designs. The two half swing doors are fully collapsible, resembling the phases of the moon.


KASA, a relatively new healthy Chinese fusion restaurant located in Hong Kong’s Wellington Street, was designed by Lim + Lu.

“Our design concept for KASA began with the exploration of what it means to be deeply rooted in Hong Kong culture. Ideas of Cha Chaan Teng, wet markets, and neon light filled streetscapes immediately came to mind. Cha chaan tengs are local diners where Hong Kongers satisfy their appetites with indigenous comfort foods.” – Vince Lim & Elaine Lu

The red pendant lights pay homage to those commonly used in Hong Kong’s wet markets.



The pink and green colour scheme was determined based on the colours of the floor tile – a traditional cha chaan teng (old Hong Kong style cafe) tile.



For more, visit the Lim + Lu website.


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