Magdalena Keck

“Magdalena Keck looks for essence, taking the simple and making it special through imagination, details and finishes. With thoughtful questions and close observation, she guides clients to express their individuality and needs.

Inspired by nature, art and technology, Keck’s signature approach combines immaculate craftsmanship and function to achieve a distinctive elegance through clean, genuine design.”

White Street Apartment




Magdalena Keck infuses warmth into her interiors by using plenty of warm toned wood. The exposed brick wall also lends a raw, rustic vibe to the space. The wooden tones are offset by the bright white walls, resulting in an uplifting but grounded space that feels spacious and cozy at the same time.

Greenwich Village Pied-à-Terre


“This apartment was designed for Clients from Rome. The intent was to offer a minimal interior that was respectful of the original architecture. The vaulted ceiling was kept open and exposed wherever possible.”


Once again, the airiness of the space is grounded with the use of a warm wood for the flooring.


“The elongated shape of the kitchen is exaggerated further by long floating shelves.  In the far end the minimalist kitchen cabinetry and fully integrated appliances nearly disappear into the architecture of the apartment. The wide plank pine floor, which is present through the entire apartment brings in natural warmth.”

To see more of Magdalena Keck’s work, click through to her website.


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