Loft Kolasiński

“We have a special appreciation for items made in the period between the 20’s and the 70’s. Hence, in our projects we often use unusual, vintage furniture, lighting, ceramics, prints, rugs and carpets. We purchase them in auctions and from befriended collectors from all over Europe. When renovating furniture,we pay special attention to preserving their original character.” 

– Loft Kolasiński

Student Housing, Hamburg





Note: The above photos are a concept design

I was shocked to discover that the above space was student housing! Isn’t this the most luxurious and stylish student halls you’ve ever seen?

“The concept included renewing the interior of a historic, post-industrial building. The rooms were furnished with a set of bespoke, wooden furniture. It was also planned to collect unique vintage pieces from all over Europe, together with an individual project of the furnishing and lighting.”

Guest House, Poland


Need those delightfully lumpy sofas in my future abode.




These are the epitome of a feminine chair, from the pastel tones to the soft curves and delicate legs.


Loft in a Marmalade Factory, Poland

The following space is an ex-warehouse of a marmalade factory, which operated before World War II in Poland. Most of the warehouse was preserved and the wooden floors were restored. The majority of the furniture is vintage, from the 50s and 60s from Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.


How fab are those original brick curved ceilings?




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