Amber Interiors

Amber Interiors is a Los Angeles based interior design firm focusing on residential design. I would describe Amber Interiors’ aesthetic as casual, comfortable and down to earth. The firm likes to inject touches of colour into their rooms but in way that is harmonious with the generally neutral palette. The tone of their website is friendly and light-hearted, which reflects the firm’s style perfectly.

House in Santa Monica, LA


The layered textures create a sense of warmth and comfort while the white walls keep the space bright and airy. The potted plants inject life into the room.


Middle Eastern touches are seen in the hallway, thanks to the Moroccan inspired ceiling light, runner rug and cushions.



The dining room is dramatic (with the dark walls and statement ceiling light) yet casual at the same time (with the cushioned dining chairs made of warm, natural materials, and the potted plant which accessorises the dining table).


The armchairs and the lamp add a mid-century modern feel to the living room. More layering is seen here with the layered rugs, which, again, add a cozy feel to the space.


What I enjoy the most about this kitchen are (1) the unique paint colour of the cabinetry – a pale green/grey, which keeps the space light and bright but also adds interest while keeping the space neutral; and (2) the leather bar chairs – that orangey tone of leather complements the paint colour of the cabinetry wonderfully, while adding warmth. The blinds (which look like they’re made of bamboo or the like) lend a casual, easy breezy vibe. All those elements come together to create a very welcoming and energizing kitchen.


This bathroom just bathes in natural daylight. I can only imagine how refreshed and rejuvenated the occupants must feel after a nice long soak in that tub! Loving the honeycomb marble floor tiles too.

For more Amber Interiors goodness, here’s the link again.


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