Arent & Pyke

Australian design duo Arent & Pyke don’t believe in trends. For them, effective design is all about authenticity, which they achieve by infusing the client’s personality into the space while retaining a sense of comfort and easy style.

Pyrmont Apartment

The taste level of this apartment is indisputable – from the harmonious muted colours to the playful (but not overdone) geometric shapes, to the carefully curated mid-century modern furniture. Everything just works together.

The pastel geometric theme permeates the apartment, starting with the unique geometric carpeting, which is then carried through in the wall art and decorative pieces. The custom marble window seat and custom hand-painted screen are some highlights.

Arent & Pyke - Pyront 1

Arent & Pyke - pyront 2

Arent & Pyke - pyrmont 3

Arent & Pyke - pyrmont 4

Arent & Pyke - pyrmont 5

Arent & Pyke - pyrmont 6

Arent & Pyke - pyrmont 7

Arent & Pyke - pyrmont 8

“Essential to the interior design are the bespoke joinery elements where no single thread connects the pieces and materiality is used to define space and aesthetic rather than match individual items to one another.” – Arent & Pyke

More amazingness can be seen on the Arent & Pyke website. It’s safe to say that this won’t be the last time I post about Arent & Pyke.


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