Clean Lines by Griffiths Design Studio

“Simplicity, style and elegance is the signature of the most successful design ideas.”

Australian interior design is having a moment in my book (and on my blog, clearly). Griffiths Design Studio, led by Gillianne Griffiths, is based in Melbourne, Australia, and was founded with the philosophy that “simplicity, style and elegance is the signature of the most successful design ideas.”.

This apartment in Toorak, Melbourne, evokes a deep sense of calm and serenity with its clean lines and simple monochrome palette.

Griffiths Design Studio 1

Highlight: the charcoal coffered wall.

Griffiths Design Studio 2

Highlight: the whimsical but structured light fixture.

Griffiths Design Studio 3

Black and white perfection.

Griffiths Design Studio 4

Griffiths Design Studio 7

Griffiths Design Studio 5

Griffiths Design Studio 6

Griffiths Design Studio 8

Griffiths Design Studio 9

Griffiths Design Studio 10

Griffiths Design Studio 11

Visual interest is created by mixing varying tones of grey within the same room.

Griffiths Design Studio 12

Whoever said neutrals couldn’t be cozy was very wrong. A chunky knitted throw does the trick.

Griffiths Design Studio 13

Clean lines keep the space looking airy and fresh.

Check out more of their projects on their official website.


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