In the Mood for Hygge

With the recent dreary and cold weather in San Francisco, my instinct is to hibernate and cozy up at home, with a candle, a hot cup of coffee (or red wine, depending on the time of day) and a good book. This atmosphere brings to mind Hygge, the ineffable Danish feeling in those slow, quiet moments – those magical moments when you are truly living in the present moment.

Here are some “Hygge”-like spaces by Studio Slow for us to picture ourselves in (a girl can dream). So slow down, breathe, and let me take you on a journey.

First, let’s hop in the bath for a long, hot soak.
Now that we’re all relaxed, let’s grab a hot beverage from the kitchen…
…or maybe from this one (because we like to have options).
Another view of the kitchen
Now that you have your beverage, let’s head to the dining room.

This tomato soup / lobster bisque shade exudes calm & warmth…
…and is carried through onto the ceiling in the living room…
…”grounding” the room but from above.
Maybe you squeeze in a little diary entry at this table.
It’s getting a little late – time to get ready for bed.
Sweet dreams!

If you fancy emulating this Hygge vibe at your home, Reforma Stockholm, a Swedish furniture line, carries plenty of chic and affordable Scandi pieces (furniture and decor items). They carry a variety of international furniture lines as well as their own designs.

Currently, they’re offering 10% off your first order if you sign up for emails.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from Reforma Stockholm:

*This is not a sponsored post


Hecker Guthrie

Do kitchens get any fresher than this? I think not. The kitchen equivalent of freshly washed, crisp linen sheets.

I’m about to share with you one of the freshest, brightest and most revitalising kitchens I’ve ever laid eyes on. Allow me to introduce you to Hecker Guthrie, an interior design studio based in Melbourne, Australia, led by Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie. The Australian design aesthetic is one that I often admire – free and easy, modern, youthful and always with a touch of that carefree Australian vibe.

Toorak Residence

Hecker Guthrie - Kitchen 1

Hecker Guthrie - Kitchen 2

Hecker Guthrie - Kitchen 3

Hecker Guthrie - Kitchen 4

Hecker Guthrie - Kitchen 5

Hecker Guthrie - Kitchen 6

Hecker Guthrie - Kitchen 8

Hecker Guthrie - Kitchen 9

What is your preferred kitchen style? Would you like to spend your lazy Sunday mornings in this Toorak Residence kitchen?

Kate La Vie’s Enviable Apartment

If you’re familiar with the beauty blogosphere and YouTube world, you’ve probably heard of, or follow, Kate La Vie. I, myself, have been following her blog and YouTube channel for years. What stands out the most to me about Kate is her impeccable interiors style and DIY talent. She has a gift for styling knick knacks and decorative items around the home. Her Parisian flare permeates her beautiful apartment in Glasgow, Scotland, and the Bohemian touches lend a casual, free-spirited balance to the space.

Katelavie 3

Highlights: West Elm Monroe sofa, marble fireplace, raw hardwood floors, bright white walls.

Katelavie 4

Highlights: Moroccan-inspired pouf, mid-century modern pink armchair, cushion covered with eyes (!), eyes print, cacti… okay, pretty much everything!

Katelavie 7

Katelavie 8

How adorable is that baby cacti arrangement?! Kate DIY’d the mini planters herself. Genius!

Katelavie 1

Herringbone floorboards (tick!), subway tiles (tick!), “marble” (but not actually real marble) fireplace (tick!), selection of cacti (tick!), tribal-looking bohemian mirror (tick!). Tick, tick, tick!!

Katelavie 10

Which print is your favourite? For me, the palm trees win, hands down. Close second: the polka dots & pink marble hybrid print (oh, and let’s not forget the ocean waves print!).


Beautiful brass touches everywhere ❤

Katelavie 11

Katelavie 16

This gorgeous marble and brass bar cart is from Oliver Bonas.

Now into the kitchen…

Katelavie 9

That mint green SMEG is everything. This kitchen was completely DIY’d and designed by Kate herself. The backsplash constructed with herringbone tiles is so unique and really stands out. The brass theme continues with the tap.

Katelavie 12

Now into the bathroom…

Katelavie 13


Katelavie 6

…and lastly, the bedroom:


Katelavie 14

Brownie points if you noticed the change in headboard and the flooring. I personally much prefer the latter picture (with the new herringbone wood floors and (non-existent) headboard); warmer, fresher, less feminine and more modern. The warm wooden floors help to ground the space, whereas previously, the room appeared to be “floating” due to the combination of white walls and white floors.

I’ll leave you with Kate’s video of her apartment tour. Enjoy!