Douglas and Bec

I first stumbled upon Douglas and Bec in Home Journal, a Hong Kong based interior design magazine. Home Journal had a feature on pink furniture and the Line Pendant in the blush colour (shown below) designed by Douglas and Bec really stood out as an aesthetically pleasing piece, from its mid-century modern style to its geometric angles.


Line Pendant.


This “Y Chandelier” (shown above) is my personal favourite and has been seen in various design magazines and blogs.


Y Chandelier in Blackened Brass and Midnight.


Compact 08.


Pare Table Lamp.

Douglas and Bec is a furniture and lighting design studio based in New Zealand. Although the design studio was only founded in 2006, it has already created some truly iconic pieces that will stand the test of time.


Blush, a floral shop in Melbourne, features the Line Pendant.


Cross Brass and Folding Stools at a KOOKAÏ store in South Yarra, Australia. The curves lend a soft feminine touch to the space.


A snapshot of the Douglas and Bec showroom.


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